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4D Ocean and Meritaito win MCA's CHP Lot 2

ASV Harry conducting an MCA IHO Order 1 Hydrographic Survey

Meritaito and 4D Ocean win MCA’s CHP Lot2

Two leading survey companies, Meritaito (Helsinki, Finland) and 4D Ocean (Banbury, UK) have teamed up to provide MCA with the latest hydrographic technology, accurately, efficiently and at an affordable price. Meritaito will conduct the vessel based survey operations and 4D Ocean will use autonomous surface vessels (ASVs) to conduct the nearshore sections of the surveys.

Meritaito bring their wealth of experience of conducting hydrographic surveys around the thousands of islands off Finland to these surveys in addition to their recent years’ experience from the Barents Sea and the Southern Baltic Sea. The contract is for three years and includes some un-surveyed sections of the Scottish west coast, amongst other areas around the United Kingdom, which are very tricky to survey using manned survey vessels. Using ASVs in these areas will allow these areas to be surveyed safely, accurately and efficiently. Data from the manned and autonomous survey vessels will be combined for each survey and delivered as one complete dataset to the UK Hydrographic Office for validation and chart production.

About the author

4D Ocean founder Duncan Mallace’s has helped push the boundaries of multibeam technology from its infancy to the defacto tool for seabed mapping that it is today. 

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