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Recent UAV Surveys

Seaford Head UAV Survey
Seaford Head UAV Survyey

As well as providing seabed mapping services with our ASV, 4D Ocean conduct very high resolution topographic surveys using senseFly eBee UAVs. Recent surveys have included Pagham Spit, Seaford Head, Wembury Bay and Cuckmere Haven.

Cuckmere Haven UAV Survey

Cuckmere Haven 3D View

It isn't just click & go with Pix4D as there are numerous false returns where the camera can see into the water. Sometimes they are valid but there are many that aren't. These erroneous points can be rejected, like bathymetry data, using the QPS software package Qimera.

Editing out false returns

About the author

4D Ocean founder Duncan Mallace’s has helped push the boundaries of multibeam technology from its infancy to the defacto tool for seabed mapping that it is today. 

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Amazing service - very knowledgeable and exceptional results.

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