Kongsberg MUNIN AUV

High performance in a small platform

Designed to retain a high level of performance in a small platform, MUNIN has a comprehensive navigation and positioning capability that can tie the data to a meaningful georeferenced solution. The capability is further enhanced by the autonomous pipe tracking software, making survey and inspection work easy for operators.

Key features

  • 600 / 1500 meter operating depth
  • Up to 24 hours mission duration
  • Low logistics modular vehicle capable of IHO grade surveys
  • Commercial market configured with SSS, MBE, SBP & camera
  • Same operator interface as HUGIN
  • Fly-away capability while retaining data and positioning quality found in larger AUVs
  • Modular construction for maximum productivity, data quality and flexibility
  • Swappable batteries with 24 hours endurance and all sensors running
  • Navigation with multibeam echosounder and sidescan sonar
  • Modular transport cases can be deployed from small ships
  • LARS options include a Mini-Stinger ramp and an attachment for knuckleboom crane