About Us

We are passionate about all aspects of seabed mapping and about using  the very best technology.

4D Ocean have over 25 years of seabed mapping experience and are recognised as being a ground breaking company when it comes to technology. NetSurvey, 4D Ocean founder Duncan Mallace’s previous company, helped push the boundaries of multibeam technology from its infancy to the defacto tool for seabed mapping that it is today. 4D Ocean aim to make autonomous survey the common method of conducting seabed surveys.

To achieve this we will be working closely with our ASV supplier, SeaRobotics and multibeam sonar supplier, R2Sonic, our AUV and sonar supplier, Kongsberg and our software providers QPS and Hypack to push the technology forwards for the benefit of seabed mapping community.

High Resolution

ASVs, AUVs and UAVs equipped with the latest multibeam sonars and cameras

Easy to deploy

Possible to launch from nearly anywhere and no mobilisation time

Seamless Sea/Land Mapping

With the ASV run at high tide and the UAV at low tide a seamless model and datasets are created


ASV equipped with R2Sonic multi-specral multibean for leading edge habitat mapping. UAV equipped with Sequoia multi-spectral camera for flora, fauna and crop health surveys


Guided by inertial navigation systems


Electrically powered for zero pollution risk


Unmanned so reduced risk and access to more hazardous areas


 Acoustically quiet for the best data